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I’m a Service and User Experience Designer with a background in Design Research and I believe in building seamless experiences for the people. 


Using systems thinking and strategy, I design evidence-based solutions for the complex urban-city ecosystem and drive innovation within organisations.


I started my career as a Design Researcher at Tata Consultancy Services, designing research mechanisms to address urban challenges and designed Smart City experiences with

multi-disciplinary teams. Working with emerging technology and an experimental mindset, I aim to transform organisations to align their business needs to those of the people and the planet. 

Going ahead, I want to address the complexities of living in the data-driven economy and designing for minute nuances of the human experience. Whether that is in city services or innovation within organisations. 

I recently graduated in MA Service Design from the Royal College of Art. RCA has given me the ability to look beyond what’s given and already there- the current state of affairs and then be brave enough to imagine an alternative while using all the tools and skills to bring it closest to reality.  I’ve experienced the power that comes with working in a diverse setup, embracing a pool of perspectives from very unique individuals and finding my own voice in the process. 

I believe my ability to capture complex narratives, frame and communicate the right problems, easily navigate ambiguity, while working collaboratively enables me to create robust and sustainable solutions.


Royal College of Art

MA Service Design


Imperial College Business School

MBA Module


National Institute of Fashion Technology

B.Des Communication Design


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